The Burglar by Thomas Perry

Thomas Perry’s The Burglar is his latest stand-alone mystery and unfortunately was not one of my favorites. I loved his Jane Whitefield series and have enjoyed a few others between then and now so I was excited to get to read and review this one. Elle Stowall is a very petite woman who makes her living as a burglar. During one of her burglaries she comes across three people who have been murdered in the house. As the story progresses she end up investigating these murders on her own. I found that many things she did were just not believable so I had a hard time really enjoying this one. However, there was pretty good intrigue and mystery and a very strong woman character so if you don’t mind some superhero-ness in a regular person you may really like this one!

This book will be released January 8, 2019.  I received and advance copy from NetGalley and Mysterious Press to give an honest review.

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