Fall Book Club Ideas

I just saw this list of potential book club books for this fall put together by Kristina Wright at BookBub and I think it has some great books on it!  There are 21 books on the list she published (and most of them sound great!) but I only picked out six to highlight.  Click on the link above to view the whole list, but below are the six that are going on my “Want to Read” list right away! While some are not out yet all are due to be released this fall which means you can plan your reading:). You can click on the book cover to be sent to Amazon if you are looking to get one.

   I really enjoyed Gaynor’s Last Christmas in Paris and I love the United Kingdom and I love historical fiction so this dual timeline story (1838 and 1938) looks to be right up my alley! I’m not sure I can wait until the release date of October 9, 2018!

 I love to read stories about strong women during World War II and this seems like it fits the bill perfectly!  This is being released September 18, 2018!

Jodi Picoult has a way of picking a very controversial topic and making you think about it from every side like she did in Great Small Things.  This one is set in a women’s reproductive health clinic.  This one is out now!

 I have read many of Liane Moriarty’s books and this one sounds like another solid one – nine strangers at a health resort.  Could this be her next book to be made into an HBO series??  Release date is November 6, 2018.

 This one also seems to be getting a lot of buzz right now and I usually love books that have travel on the Lusitania (this book) or the Titanic in their story!  This one is out now!

  I read The Wedding Date by this same author this spring and while it was a light read, I enjoyed the characters enough that I want to read this one that follows one the secondary characters from the first book.  This will be released October 30, 2018.

Happy Fall Reading!!

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