The Survivors by Jane Harper

This is my second book of Harper’s to read. I really liked her debut novel, The Dry, and I was excited to read this one! I would describe the Survivors as a mix of a mystery and family/town drama – as the setting, Evelyn Bay has a lot of baggage.Kieran and his partner Mia, who both grew up and left, return to Evelyn Bay to help his parents pack for a move. Right after they arrive, a young woman is found murdered. While trying to piece together what happened, the town’s past gets dredged up – another young girl went missing years ago the same night Kieran’s brother and his business partner drown during a bad storm. Is there a connection? Have people never gotten over what happened in the storm long ago? Is there still blame going around and what does that have to do with today’s murder?

This was a solid story that was pretty fast paced and kept me guessing until the end. I would have loved an epilogue as I felt very connected to many of the characters by the end. I also very much enjoy that her books are set in Australia as Harper does an amazing job setting the scene. This one takes place on the Tasmanian Coast and I really felt like I was there at times. If you’re tired of not being able to travel recently, take a trip to Tasmania with this one!

This was my January Book of the Month pick!

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