Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane

I had to get in one last gnome pic with my first review of 2021:)Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane is a dark, twisted, domestic thriller that I really enjoyed. Lila Ridgefield is the “pretty little wife”. She is smart and resourceful, but has a lot of baggage! Her husband, Aaron Payne, is not the charming high-school teacher he pretends to be and also has a sordid past. Lila comes across some pretty awful stuff about him and then Aaron goes missing. We spend the rest of the book going down winding paths of truths, lies and lots of mistrust. Lila is a character I might not normally like, but the author did a good job developing her so I could appreciate her. This is a bit of a slow-burn story but the ending is well-done and I really liked it overall! The is Kane’s debut thriller and she did a great job!

This was one of my Book of the Month picks!

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