The Tattooist of Auschwitz

As a constant reader of Historical Fiction I have had the Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris in my TBR Pile since it came out in early 2018 (even though it isn’t fiction)!  When I was asked to review the follow-on book (coming out today) I decided I was going to dive into this first and I’m so glad I did!  As is any story set in a concentration camp, this was a heart-wrenching telling of  Lale and Gita’s extremely difficult time in Auschwitz, but one in which they found ways to survive and they found love.  This is a true story based on many hours that Morris spent with Lale before he passed away and I loved reading the afterword to learn more about the interviewing experience.  As with most memoir-type stories I always wonder if parts are romanticized a bit for the sake of the book but even if that is the case, this was a very moving story! I always learn something new when reading books like this as well as them serving to remind me of this horrific time in our history that we should never forget!

The follow up book, Cilka’s Journey, is based on a character from this book so check out my review for that too!

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