29 Seconds by T.M. Logan

29 Seconds by T.M.Logan is a fast-paced psychological thriller that I think has a very original premise. Sarah rescues a young girl from an apparent kidnapping, then that girl’s very well-connected father offers his thanks by offering to get rid on one person without a trace for Sarah. She just has to give him one name. She is in a bad situation at work, but is it so bad that she would go this far??? This story is a bit of a mind game, but I wish Sarah had been a stronger character because I was very frustrated with her at times. Other than that I read it quickly and was definitely entertained. I am going to put T.M. Logan’s earlier books Lies and The Holiday on my TBR list! I got an early release from NetGalley and I’m very glad to have been exposed to this author. This one is being released Sept 10!

One comment

  1. This does indeed seem to have a interesting premise, especially since a lot of the mass market thrillers lately seem to be so cookie-cutter. The author also picked a great name for the novel’s heroine! 😛


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