The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient is Alex Michaelides’ debut novel and he did a great job!  While this was a quick read for me, it seemed like a slow burn kind of story. It kept me guessing until very late in the book while the author did a great job developing the characters and the intriguing story around them. There are two main voices in this psychological thriller The first is Alicia Berenson who is now in a mental institution after being convicted of killing her husband. She has not spoken a word since his death, but we hear from her through her diary.  The second voice is Theo Faber’s who has joined the staff at the hospital, has become Alicia’s psychotherapist, and hopes to get her talking again. But what will she say about her husband’s death if she does speak??  I can’t say much more than that!

This was one of my Book of the Month picks for January and I chose wisely! 

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