The Beantown Girls

I really enjoyed The Beantown Girls by Jane Healey!  I have read a lot of historical fiction and I keep returning to it because fabulous authors keep finding amazing people or events that I have never heard of to weave their story around!  This is no exception!  

The Beantown Girls is a fictional story based around the real-life Red Cross Clubmobiles during WWII. Fiona, Dottie, and Viv are college friends from Boston who volunteer to be Clubmobile Girls in the war in Europe. Yes, they want to serve the troops by trying to boost morale with doughnuts and coffee but Fiona is also searching for information about her fiancé who has been declared MIA. What transpires is a beautiful story of incredibly strong women and men making their way through a terrible war. The friendships gained and lost are heartwarming and heartbreaking and I loved every minute of it!

Thank you to Lori at Get Red PR for introducing me to this book!

As of 2/5/2019 this book is FREE on the Kindle Unlimited Plan if you have that or $3.99 to purchase!

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