One Day in December

It was one fine day in January, cuddled up with my favorite blanket, a cup of coffee and my dog Skippy when I finished One Day in December by Josie Silver. This was a good romantic comedy book, kind of a little silly at times, but overall cute. I felt like I was watching a movie like Serendipity (which is one of my all time favorite rom-coms!). This was no Serendipity but you should put it on your to-read list for when you are looking for a break from some heavy reading.

Laurie sees a man out of a bus window at a bus stop, they lock eyes, sparks fly, and the bus pulls away. She thinks he is “the one” and spends the next year looking for him only to then have her roommate bring him home as her latest boyfriend. The book then takes us through the next several years of tension, feelings of missed opportunities, struggles to fight feelings, etc. So, do they get together in the end??

This was the Reese’s Book Club pick in December and it was a good one to read by the fire, but it will equally fit on a beach this summer!

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