The Dutch house by Ann Patchett

I’ve been remiss in updating my website for a while as I focused too much on Instagram and Facebook, but I’m going to try to start adding all the books I’ve read and reviewed so far in 2020. First up – The Dutch House.

In The Dutch House, Ann Patchett has written another family saga with a style that is easy to read and has well-developed characters. Brother and sister pair, Maeve and Danny, lived in a grand house that sets the scene for the basis of this book. I really enjoyed the voice of Danny, but I did get a little tired of the obsession that he and his sister had with The Dutch House and their eviction. Their reactions and outcomes are heart-breaking and heartwarming but also frustrating as they had a hard time dealing with their past. The beginning was a little slow but as we get to know Danny and Maeve more the story picked up and tied up pretty well in the end. If you have liked some of Patchett’s other books you should enjoy this one as well! I read this in book form but I have heard that the audio version read by Tom Hanks is great!

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