The Subway Girls

+RvCio4oS7S5twLh90gHBAThe Subway Girls by Susie Orman Schnall was a great book!  Historical fiction is probably my favorite genre so this was right up my alley! The Subway Girls is based on an actual advertising campaign run in the New York City subway system from the 1940’s into the early 70’s. The story is told by in a dual-timeline – one in 1949 which stars Charlotte, a Miss Subways Girl winner, and one in present day starring Olivia, an advertising executive working to pitch a new campaign to the Transit Authority. This campaign originated as a way to draw the attention of the men riding the subway up to the advertisements above them:).   Here is an example courtesy of the New York Transit Museum website:Meet-Miss-Subways_New-York-Transit-Museum_Untapped-Cities_Kristen-Gaylord_EnidBerkowitzposter11

In the book, Charlotte is a strong young woman who is trying to pave a different path for herself than most women of that time.  She doesn’t want to be a secretary until she gets married and has kids, she wants to have a career.  Olivia is a strong woman of today who has a career, but at what cost.  I read this very quickly because the story is is captivating and the writing is easy going!  

I got to meet Susie, the author, recently and she was a joy to listen to!  She has written two other books that I haven’t read yet but are going on my list – On Grace and The Balance Project!  Happy Reading!

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