Great Author Visits!


I recently had a great opportunity to see three amazing authors!   This picture was taken at the Houston Book Launch for Amy Poeppel’s latest book Limelight (she is on the right) and Susie Orman Schnall’s latest book The Subway Girls (she is on the left)!  In addition, we had Katherine Center pop in to say hello too (she is in the middle next to Susie)  Katherine’s latest book is How to Walk Away and one of her earlier books, The Lost Husband,  was optioned for a movie and it has just started filming!!  Amy Poeppel also had her first book on hand – Small Admissions – but it’s not in the picture. I have read all of the books mentioned above except The Subway Girls but I’ve heard great reviews and I am starting it immediately so look for my review in the near future:)  Limelight and Small Admissions are great fun and How to Walk Away really makes you appreciate family and good people!  I highly recommend all of them!

I love hearing authors talk about their writing process and what they are working on next!  Today, I learned that Susie likes to plan out her book as much as possible while Amy gets a general idea and just starts writing:)  Both are working on new books that are not quite finished yet, and Katherine’s new book, Things You Save in a Fire, comes out in April!

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