The Storyteller’s Secret by Sejal Badani

IMG_0027I read Sejal Badani’s first novel, Trail of Broken Wings, and really enjoyed it!  So when Amazon First Reads for Amazon Prime members had her new novel The Storyteller’s Secret as one of the August downloads I knew I had to choose it!  It tells a beautiful tale mainly through two people from different times and one person who was present in both.  Amisha was a young woman in India during the British occupation, was a strong woman hamstrung by a culture that would not let her have many choices.  Jaya is a young woman currently living in New York City who is struggling with infertility, a strained relationship with her mother, and a marriage that is falling apart.  Ravi is the servant in India who knew Amisha’s deepest secrets and now shares them with Jaya who goes to India searching to better understand her life.  It is a little slow at the beginning but I now know that serves a purpose by really developing the characters.  I fell in love with them all!  This novel is a beautiful message of love and family that is very heartwarming!


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