Ghosted: A Novel by Rosie Walsh

6677CE3D-5F91-42FB-9E95-DAA766DB7BE8Next Up Ghosted by Rosie Walsh!  I have a big pile of books I want to read that I’ve been gathering over the past couple of months but This one jumped to the top as soon as I received it! I just joined the Book of the Month Club and I chose this as my first selection. It’s a program where they select 5 new releases each month and you choose one to be sent to you. If you don’t want any of them you can save your credit for another month when you might want 2 of the books:). I received the book quickly The other choices this month were:

  • The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager – I almost chose this one. It is a thriller that I have definitely put on my To Be Read list!  I got to hear him speak at his book launch in Houston and he was very engaging and told great stories about writing!
  • Spinning Silver by Naomi Novak – this is a new fantasy book that is getting very good reviews. I don’t read much fantasy so I passed on this one.
  • The Girl from Blind River by Gale Massey – reviews look good for this author’s debut mystery/thriller!  Let me know if you read it!
  • The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams – this one was very tempting to choose as well!  It sounds like a good historical fiction set in the 1950’s and 60’s on a resort island in Long Island Sound. I’ve added to to my TBR list!

I hope the choices are this good every month!  Happy reading!


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