Us Against You

IMG_5636I just finished Us Against You by Fredrik Backman.  This is the sequel to Beartown and has most of the same characters.  This book was hard to read because it is filled with hatred, sorrow, violence and the constant threat of violence.  This book was also wonderful to read because it was filled with hope, love, family (many types of family) and a reminder that there is usually good in people even when it is difficult to see.  If you liked Beartown you will definitely like this book!

I really enjoyed Beartown too, and I just found out that is the required reading for the incoming freshman class at my daughter’s college.  She is an orientation leader, so she has to read it too.  I’ll be very curious as to what she thinks:)

I don’t like to give summaries of the books I read because I think you can get those from Goodreads or Amazon, etc., so I try to focus on my overall feel of the book.  I hope this helps you!

Us Against You on Amazon

Beartown on Amazon


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