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Hi there!  If you’re here then it means you must like reading books!

I’ve always been a “reader” but lately I’ve become more obsessed with books. I love hearing what others are reading and what is on their “to read” lists so I thought I would share my thoughts. I don’t really like rating books because I feel that if I don’t like a book it’s probably because I wasn’t part of the target audience, not that it was a bad book. My opinions are strictly based on my enjoyment of the book so as you get to know my likes and dislikes better you can decide if you like similar books!  If you have read the same books, let me know what you think!  If you have suggestions for me, I’d love to hear them!

I love using Goodreads to see what others are reading and to track what I want to read and what I have read. In January, I set a Reading Challenge goal of reading 25 books this year since that is what I have averaged the last few years. On June 1st I finished my 23rd book of the year! I am shocked that I’ve read that many and hope I can sustain this reading pace because it’s been fun! I do give star ratings on Goodreads because it seems important there, but please know that I consider 3 stars to be a solid book that I am glad I read. Four stars means I really, really enjoyed it and five stars means I thought it was one of the best books I’ve ever read (I don’t give many 5 stars!).  The book I’m currently reading should show up on the side of this page and I’ll write my reviews as soon as I finish reading them!  If you want to follow me on Goodreads you’ll find the like in my contacts section!

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